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Siemens Etsa Turbine ea Wind Offshore bakeng sa Hydrogen

Siemens Etsa Turbine ea Wind Offshore bakeng sa Hydrogen

In line with expanding renewable hydrogen, the two companies of Siemens Gamesa Renewable and Siemens Energy AG have planned to make offshore wind turbine to generate the gas through electrolysis.

Siemens Energy, shares 67% of Siemens Gamesa, which is the largest supplier of offshore wind turbines in the world. Allocating $146 million for the project, the companies have been addressing big industries that play a role in emissions surge such as refineries, and chemical factories since mid-2020s.

President/CEO at Siemens Energy Inc., Christian Bruch, said perhaps there are no other companies that would bring together wind power, electrolysis and high voltage system at the offshore platform only in one place.

Aiming to adjust water electrolysis technology in offshore turbines, they will go ahead with green hydrogen production; in the process, water is broken down into 2 components via electricity generated by wind and solar energies.

Samira H.